Training Courses

Training Courses

The American Language Center offers customized vocational training and a custom schedule tailored to any company’s needs. These courses are based on a range of options “Special Business” designed to assist professionals and individuals in the acquisition, learning and development of English, French and Arabic.
We begin by having a meeting between trainer(s) and learners, giving a specific needs assessment to the group, and requiring group members to take a positioning test (Placement). The purpose of this assessment is to allow us to form a homogenous group that identifies the needs and levels of those taking the assessment and design a program tailored to meet those needs.
Courses can be held in our office (on site) or at the company’s headquarters (off site).

The formulas in place include:

Formule Cours Individuels (One to One)

This individual training is dsigned for people who would benefit more from a more intensive and personalized form of instruction that would better meet their personal or business needs (learning or upgrading, preparation for international language tests -TOEFL / TOEIC / Bec, seminars, Congress etc …).

Formule Cours Collectifs (Open Group)

These courses are scheduled and take place on on ALC premises. They are provided on a pre-established schedule by the ALC. A wide range of time-slots are offered for each level.

Formule Groupe Fermé (Closed Group)

This formula was developed for students (the same company employees mentioned above) who are not able to attend group classes and wish to follow a more specialized training that best meets their needs in a group setting. This formula also allows students to choose a time that works best for them and their company’s schedule.