When coming in to register for a class, please be ready to provide the following documents:

• Registration form (Retreivable from the administration)

• Photocopy CIN (extract of birth certificate or copy of the family register)

• 1 recent photograph (required)

Student Card 

A student card will be issued after registration fees have been paid.
Students are required to present their student cards to both the “bookstore” in order to buy textbooks, and to the teacher upon entering the class on the first day.
Students can use their cards for free access to the media center and library

Clubs and Activities

Cultural and extra-curricular activities are offered regularly by the center to give students the opportunity to practice English outside of the classroom in a fun, different, and productive setting.
The clubs are free for all ALC Mohammedia students and any registration gives you the right to participate in activities and clubs offered by the center. The following clubs are offered a ALC Mohammedia.

• Drama Club
• Public Speaking club
• Round table discussions
• Communication Club
• ALC Magazine
• End of Year show
• Talent show
More …
For more information about our clubs and activities programmed for the current session, please contact the administration

Rules of Procedure

To preserve the functioning and the basis of mutual respect between teachers and students, students are invited to observe certain rules of conduct.
At ALC Mohammedia, our belief is that both students and teachers should behave with dignity and treat others with respect and courtesy. Any student whose behavior in or near the center undermines the reputation of the center will be suspended or expelled from the ALC.


We ask our students not to wear clothes that can distract from the learning experience. Please do not wear clothing that contains obscene language or images or clothes that are not appropriate for the school environment. This includes indecent clothes that expose excessive parts of the body, which can be seen as inappropriate in a healthy school environment

Regular Attendance

We ask our students to attend classes regularly.
Students who are absent or are often late for classes risk being suspended or expelled. In the case of underage students, parents will be notified for any absence or excessive tardiness.
Students who are absent more than 10 hours will not be allowed to take the final exam. The teacher may mark the student as absent if he more than 30 minutes late.


Students are required to be on time as a sign of respect for their teachers and their classmates.


Students are expected to be prepared for classes and participate in class. Students must have their textbooks and their homework ready at the beginning of class andare expected to prepare for tests and exams.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the center.

Mobile phones

Cell phones must be turned off before entering class. It is forbidden for students to answer their phones during class except in an emergency (for doctors, for example).

Available seats

The seats are only guaranteed after full payment of the registration fee on time, even for alumni

Personal Property

The center does not take responsibility in the case of loss or theft of valuables on ALC premises. Any loss or theft of motorcycle or bicycle on ALC premises is the sole responsibility of the owner, not the ALC.