Programs & Services

The ALC Academic Program

Language teaching at the ALC is through the communicative approach. Using the best quality American and British language teaching materials, students practice English in meaningful contexts, using only English in the classroom, and work toward language goals that are within their reach. Lessons are student-centered rather than teacher-centered, as in more traditional approaches. In our classes, students use English in a “real life” context, focusing on interaction with their classmates and teacher.

Course participants are evaluated based on a combination of a final examination and a teacher grade based on class participation and classroom projects and/or quizzes. Students must succeed at one level before passing on to the next.

Our program is divided into classes for Chidlren (ages 6 to 10), Juniors (ages 11 to 13), and Adults (ages 14 and over). The objective of separating learners by age group is to make sure that all of our students get to study with people in their age range, using materials that best fit both their age and their level of English.