About Us

Our mission

Our core mission is to provide quality education that takes into account the needs of learners, so that they master spoken and written English at the end of their studies. The ALC also aims to develop international citizens by exposing its students to both American and world cultures.
Learning through play and socialization in as important pedogogical technique that all of our teachers aim to include in classes involving young learners and teenagers to better facilitate language aquisition. Our methods encourage learners to focus on the desire to share and communicate rather than fear of error.
Oral communication is also an essential part of our program
• Teaching and learning at the ALC is based on communicative approaches and audiovisual methods.
The reduced size of our classes (typically between 12 and 16 students) and our educational philosophy and techniques offer participants the opportunity to progress rapidly and advance in a healthy and productive learning environment.

Our Structure

Between 1000 and 1500 students enroll each quarter in our courses, which take place in a very relaxed atmosphere to support the language aquisition of all of our students.
Our 24 classrooms spread over an area of 700 m2 and has a capacity of 300 students. All classrooms are equipped with audio visual equipment.

• Over 30 English teachers of American, British, and Moroccan backgrounds
• More than 10 French teachers
• More than 5,000 students per year
• 25 classrooms with a capacity ranging between 12 and 20 people, equipped with audio visual equipment
• A library full of varied and rich books, both fiction and non-fiction as well as a large collection of learning resources available to all of our students
• A media center with more than 15 computers
• A play area, level-based books, and other fun activities dedicated to our younger students
• An extensive teachers’ library that is updated at least once a year.

Our Team

The ALC Mohammedia employs 40 teachers. All of our teachers / trainers are certified and graduates of Moroccan universities, British or American. In addition to the ENS Diploma and / or CELTA TESOL-TKT-or-TEFL, all of our teachers have at least a Bachelor’s degree, with some also having a Master’s degree. Additional training and professional development courses are offered to all teachers at least once a year through conferences (Annual Conference of the ALCs / all conference ALCs), international meetings (TESOL, IATEFL), as well as workshops, focus groups, and more to ensure that all teachers are up –to-date on the new methods and techniques in the field teaching English.